Dubai Miracle Garden Rules

Dubai Miracle Garden Rules

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a famous tourist destination that boasts an impressive collection of 50 million flowers and 250 million plants, making it the largest natural flower garden in the world consisting of longest flower wall. To ensure the well- being of the plants and the safety of all guests the garden has implemented several important rules and regulations. These guidelines help visitors to have a pleasant and enjoyable experience while maintaining the safety of the garden. If you plan to visit this popular attraction, it is important to familiarise yourself with the Dubai Miracle Garden rules so that you can have a memorable adventure at the garden. 

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General Rules
  • A pleasant visit to the Miracle Garden requires strict adherence to rules and regulations.
  • The management holds the authority to expel any visitors found engaging in misconduct or posing a threat to the park's assets or flowers.
  • Visitors are responsible for any damages caused by their failure to follow instructions or negligent behavior.

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General Behaviour
  • Flower picking is not allowed, and visitors must refrain from plucking any flowers.
  • Guests are kindly requested to dispose of litter only in the designated bins provided throughout the garden.
  • The instructions of the security personnel must be adhered to by all individuals visiting the garden.
  • Seating is permitted only in the designated areas to preserve the garden's decorum and beauty.

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Inside Miracle Garden
  • Pets are not allowed inside the premises. 
  • Use allocated passages, walkways and exits while inside the garden premises.
  • Cars, scooters, bicycles, hoverboards and balls are prohibited inside the garden. 

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  • For professional photography or videography such as weddings, engagements, modelling or TV ads, prior permission from the management office is required.
  • Professional cameras and dominoes are not permitted inside the Miracle Garden.
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  • To ensure a smooth functioning of the attraction, Dubai Miracle Garden adheres to the schedules opening and closing timings. Guests are kindly requested to cooperate and plan their visit accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.
  • The opening timings are from 9 am to 9pm on weekdays (Monday to Friday), however on weekends the timings are from 9 am to 11 pm.

Food & Drinks
  • Barbequing is strictly prohibited inside the garden premises. 
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring outside food or beverages inside the garden. 

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Tour Video of Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden Dubai Tour

Embark on an enchanting tour through Dubai's Miracle Garden, a botanical marvel that mesmerizes at every turn. With over 150 million meticulously arranged flowers, the garden comes alive from November to April. Stroll along pathways adorned with heart-shaped designs and beneath captivating floral arches. Admire life-sized structures like castles and airplanes, each intricately adorned with blooms. Delight in the tranquil Butterfly Garden, where delicate butterflies flutter amid lush greenery. The Aromatic Garden engages your senses with fragrant herbs. Marvel at unique features like floating flower arches and vibrant floral tunnels. A tour of the Miracle Garden is a sensory delight, showcasing the fusion of human ingenuity and nature's artistry. It's a journey that immerses you in a world of colors, scents, and creative wonders, leaving an indelible impression of beauty and innovation.


Are pets allowed inside the Dubai Miracle Garden?

No, visitors are not allowed to bring pets inside Dubai Miracle Garden. The attraction follows a strict no-pet policy to ensure the safety and well-being of both the visitors and the floral displays.

Is smoking allowed inside Dubai Miracle Garden?

To ensure the safety of the visitors and preserve the floral displays, Dubai Miracle Garden has a strict no-smoking policy, and smoking is strictly prohibited inside the garden premises.

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Is it permissible for visitors to touch or cause damage to any of the plants or flowers within Dubai Miracle Garden?

To ensure the preservation and integrity of the floral displays, visitors are not permitted to touch or cause damage to any of the plants or flowers inside Dubai Miracle Garden. Therefore, a strict no-touch policy is in place and visitors are expected to comply with it.

What is the timing for Dubai Miracle Garden's opening and closing?

The opening and closing timings of Dubai Miracle Garden vary depending on the season. Visitors can generally access the attraction from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM on weekdays and from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM on weekends and public holidays. For more timing information checkout Miracle Garden Ramadan Timings


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