Instagrammable Spots at Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is a stunning destination filled with instagram-worthy spots, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UAE. The garden features a range of unique, beautifully crafted installations that provide the perfect backdrop for capturing memories. The Emirates A380, made entirely of flowers, is a must-see for aviation enthusiasts, while the giant teddy bear is a favorite among children and families. The floral clock, floating lady, and sunflower field are also admired among visitors seeking the perfect photo opportunity. The Hearts Passage and Umbrella Passages are creatively designed spaces that create a romantic atmosphere, while the floral castle is a dreamy spot for fairytale-inspired photos. With its vibrant colors and impressive displays, Dubai Miracle Garden is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to capture unforgettable moments and create lasting memories.

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Heart Tunnel In Miracle Garden
Heart Tunnel

The Hearts Passage in Dubai Miracle Garden is a popular attraction that captures the essence of romance through its prominent display of hearts and flowers. This passage serves as a perfect reflection of the wider flower garden, showcasing not only the shape of the hearts but also the vibrant colors and scents of the thousands of petals covering them. Get enchanted by this stunning display and capture some memories by taking pictures in the frame or recording selfie videos as you walk through.

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Umbrella Tunnel In Dubai Miracle Garden
Umbrella Passage

The Umbrella Passage at the garden is a unique and captivating space that showcases innovative design. The ceiling is crafted from inverted umbrellas, arranged in circular patterns and separated by bands of flowers. The addition of hanging green plants between the sections of the ceiling further enhances the ambiance, creating an immersive rainforest-like experience. These passages are not just meant for traversing but also offer a place to capture some vibrant pictures amidst the blooming scents of millions of flowers. 

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Floral Castle Dubai Miracle Garden
Floral Castle

Dubai Miracle Garden stays true to the Disney theme of enchantment with its stunning floral castle, surrounded by the sweet aroma of daisies and sunflowers. The castle stands tall in magnificent shades of green and red, towering above the garden and providing an ideal backdrop for capturing selfies with loved ones.

For those seeking a truly magical photo, the top of the stairs offers a perfect spot to capture the entire castle in its full grandeur from the right distance. 

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Airbus A380
Emirates A380

A floral replica of the Emirates A380, the largest passenger aircraft in the world, is located in the garden. This impressive aircraft is a stunning backdrop with floral installation of more than 500,000 fresh flowers and living plants. The artwork holds a Guinness World Record and is the largest structure ever built at the garden where you can capture striking and vibrant pictures.

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Teddy Bear In Miracle Garden
Giant Teddy Bear

The giant teddy bear at Dubai Miracle Garden is an incredibly popular Instagrammable backdrop especially for children visiting the garden. The bear, which stands at an impressive height of 12 meters, is covered in over 120,000 flowers and has become an iconic feature of the garden. This floral masterpiece is a perfect spot for taking memorable pictures with loved ones, as the bear's charming and whimsical design creates a magical atmosphere. 

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Lake park in Dubai miracle garden
Lake Park

This area features a large lake with a beautiful floral fountain at its center, surrounded by colorful flower beds. The combination of water and flowers creates a stunning spectacle at the Lake Park. The reflection of the floral villas and 3D flower models against the clear blue sky produces an awe-inspiring array of vibrant colors. It's the perfect spot to take a stunning photograph with your friends, family, or loved ones by setting your smartphone to pro or HDR mode. 

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Floral Clock In Miracle Garden
Floral Clock

The Floral Clock is a massive clock decorated with flowers and foliage, located at the entrance of the garden. This stunning clock is not only functional but also an ideal backdrop for instagram-worthy photos. The colorful blooms and intricate design make for a perfect picture, and visitors can be seen posing for selfies and group shots in front of the clock. As the clock ticks, the flowers change and bloom, making it a living and breathing work of art.

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Floral Castle in Dubai Miracle Garden
Sunflower Field

As you walk through the sunflower field, you are greeted by row after row of bright yellow sunflowers that stretch as far as the eye can see. The flowers are perfectly arranged in neat rows, creating a beautiful and uniform landscape that is sure to capture your attention. The sheer size and beauty of the Sunflower Field make it a perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos. You can snap a photo standing among the sunflowers, or you can pose in front of the field and capture the flowers as a stunning backdrop.

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Floating Lady In Miracle Garden
Floating Lady

A beautiful and serene sculpture of a woman seemingly floating over a pond of blue and pink flowers creates a whimsical and dreamlike atmosphere. This larger-than-life installation is made entirely of fresh flowers and is a masterpiece of botanical design. The Floating Lady is surrounded by a lush green landscape and a myriad of other floral installations, providing a breathtaking backdrop for stunning photos. 

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Miracle Garden Dubai Inside Tour Video

Inside Dubai Miracle Garden

Step into the captivating world of Dubai's Miracle Garden, a floral haven that astonishes with its breathtaking beauty. Boasting over 150 million vibrant flowers, this enchanting paradise opens from November to April. Wander along heart-shaped pathways and beneath mesmerizing flower arches. Life-sized structures, meticulously adorned with blooms, include castles and airplanes. Delicate butterflies grace the Butterfly Garden amidst lush surroundings, while the Aromatic Garden delights with fragrant herbs. The garden's uniqueness extends to its floating flower arches and vibrant floral tunnels. Every corner reveals a new masterpiece, inviting awe and wonder. With an array of colors and scents harmoniously blending, the Miracle Garden is a testament to nature's artistry and human creativity. It's a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the harmonious union of botanical splendor and imaginative design, leaving them with unforgettable memories.

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  • Visit Dubai Miracle Garden, spread over 72,000 sq. meters of area, and explore the world's largest flower garden in the city

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  • Get amazed by watching the Dubai Emirates A380, covered with tons of flowers, and admire one of world’s largest floral installation

  • Complete your visit with fantastic floral floats accompanied by live music and street dancers, at Flower Parade

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Outside food is not allowed.
  • The use of professional cameras and drones is not allowed inside the garden.
  • Re-entry is not allowed after you leave the venue.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
  • Guidelines issued by the respective State-Government is to be followed.
  • Picking flower is strictly prohibited.
  • Miracle Garden a seasonal attraction which opens only from November to March. During this time period, you may see distinct array of floral attractions on your visit here.
  • The management of the Garden has the right to expel any visitor from the park if he or she is found damaging garden properties, flowers or involved in any misbehavior.
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What are some of the most popular Instagrammable places at Dubai Miracle Garden?

    Some of the most popular Instagrammable places at Dubai Miracle Garden include the floral clock, giant teddy bear, heart passage, umbrella passages, the A380 installation, floating lady, sunflower field and the lake park.

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