Facts About Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden
Largest Natural Flower Garden

Spanning across an area of 72,000 square metres, one of the major facts about Miracle Garden Dubai is that it is the largest natural flower garden in the world. The garden is home to millions of flowers and living plants, a lot of which are quite rare, and especially difficult to find in the Middle East, including petunias and geraniums.

Miracle Garden
Exists Amidst Barren Land

Dubai, as part of the Middle East, is majorly a barren desert land, and so, the existence of the largest flower garden in the world here, is in itself a miracle, which is one of the most amazing facts about the Miracle Garden. Furthermore, the garden is home to many millions of flowers with the longest flower wall in world and plants that not only bloom, but also thrive in the extreme heat of the desert, which is what makes this place all the more spectacular.

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Dubai miracle garden
Over 150 Million Plants And 250 Million Flowers

One of the most astonishing facts about Miracle Garden is the breathtaking abundance of flowers it showcases. With over 250 million flowers of diverse varieties, visitors can witness a captivating display of nature's beauty. From the cheerful sunflowers and vibrant marigolds to the elegant roses, petunias, tulips, and calendulas in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors, the Dubai Miracle Garden presents a mesmerizing floral spectacle.

Moreover, this enchanting garden is home to more than 150 million living plants, adding to the rich and vibrant tapestry of natural wonders. These abundant flowers and plants serve as the building blocks for some of the most awe-inspiring sculptures, archways, and passageways found within the Miracle Garden. The creativity and artistic flair demonstrated in crafting these spectacular structures truly make this garden an extraordinary and memorable experience for all who visit.

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Miracle Garden Photos
Holds Guinness Book of World Record

As of today, the Dubai Miracle Garden is a three-time Guinness Book of World Record holder. It set the first record in the year 2013, when it was named as the largest vertical garden in the whole world. Then, in 2016, the garden unveiled the magnificent floral structure of the Emirates Airbus A380, which was recognised as the biggest floral installation in the world. Lastly, it set another record in the year 2018, when it installed the topiary of Mickey Mouse here, which was recognised as the tallest topiary supported sculpture in the entire globe.

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Dubai Miracle Garden
Consists Unique Collection of Flowers

With the millions of plants and flowers that call the Miracle Garden home, it is here where you can enjoy the most spectacular celebration of colours. One of the most interesting facts about Dubai Miracle Garden is that the flowers here grow and bloom in a wide array of colours, shapes, sizes as well as styles. These flowers are then used in the different structures inside the garden, in the form of vintage villas and vehicles, to sculptures, teddy bears, and a lot more. In addition to the structures, you can even catch sights of vibrantly coloured tulips, petunias, calendulas and other flowers.

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Miracle Garden Photos
The Biggest And Tallest Topiary Art In The World

The Miracle Garden boasts of a stunning Disney Avenue, which is where you can see majestic installations of some of your favourite childhood cartoon characters, from Mickey and Minnie Mouse, to Donald Duck as well as Daisy Duck, among others. What makes this avenue so amazing is that all the cartoon structures are made entirely of flowers, with the floral Mickey Mouse towering at a height of 18 metres, thereby making the avenue home to the tallest and biggest topiary art in the entire world.

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Miracle Garden
Efficient Energy And Water Usage

With the hundreds of millions of plants and flowers in the garden, watering them might seem like a task quite difficult, especially since more than 750,000 litres of water is required for this every single day. However, the garden maintains its stunning look using recycled wastewater and a drip irrigation system, thereby saving a lot of water and energy. This also ensures that all the plants and flowers remain hydrated throughout the seasons. Furthermore, the garden is watered at night, which ensures minimum evaporation of the water due to the heat, and helps the garden to save nearly 75 percent of water and energy.

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Dubai Miracle Garden Pics
Welcomes New Theme Every Year

Every new season of the Dubai Miracle Garden has a new and exciting theme, which also keeps the visitors on their toes. With the garden being in its 10th season already, visitors have been introduced to many surprising installations and floral arrangements here, such as the Floral Clock, the Floating Lady, the Teddy Bear, and more. Furthermore, all of the existing structures undergo new floral decorations every season, thereby providing a new and unique experience to everyone.

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Butterfly Garden Dubai
Witness 15,000 Butterflies at Butterfly Garden

When visiting the Dubai Miracle Garden, you can also head over to the Butterfly Garden here, which is the largest indoor butterfly garden in the whole world. This garden has 10 climate-controlled domes which are home to over 15,000 butterflies of 50 different species, and replicate their natural habitats. You can also see the entire metamorphosis stages of the butterflies at the Dubai Butterfly Garden, in addition to learning about these insects and even getting your hands on exclusive merchandise with butterflies.

Dubai Miracle Garden Pics
Largest Number Of Petunia Flowers On Earth

With millions of flowers here, the Miracle Garden is also known to be home to the largest number of petunia flowers of various colours and shapes in the entire world. These are flowers that are known to be quite versatile, as they can adjust nicely to the harsh climates of the desert, thereby making them the most floral theme friendly flowers.

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Miracle Garden Dubai
Popular Location For Lots Of Movies

Ranked as one of the best attractions in Dubai, the Miracle Garden has also been featured in many Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies from time to time. One of the popular Miracle Garden facts is that it was featured in the 2015 Bollywood movie "Hamari Adhuri Kahani.” The garden also welcomed the WWE star John Cena in 2017, where he promoted his animated film “Ferdinand.” During the promotion, he also posed alongside the floral installation of Ferdinand the Bull, with a height of 4 metres and width of 7 metres.

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    One of the most interesting facts about Dubai Miracle Garden is that the garden has a new design and theme every season. Being the largest natural flower garden in the world, with an area of around 72,000 square metres, replacing the existing installations and designs with new floral designs every season is a very daunting task, but the garden has successfully done it for 10 seasons now.

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