How To Reach Dubai Miracle Garden

How To Reach Miracle Garden?

By Car

Driving to Miracle Garden is a quick and convenient option. It takes approximately 20 minutes to cover a distance of 20 km while driving from Dubai Marina. You can easily navigate the location using google maps, and on arrival you can park your car at Miracle Garden’s sprawling car park. Even at peak hours, parking is easily available at the location. Also the second nearest car park to the Miracle Garden is at the Butterfly Garden which is 500 metres away from the garden and is a short 6 minute walk to the garden. 

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By Taxi

Taxis are commonly available in Dubai and you can easily book one to take a trip to the Miracle Garden.You can easily book an uber or a Careem and is a fitting option while travelling in a group or with children. Taxis in Dubai are metered, and the fare depends on the distance and the time of the day. However, taxis in Dubai are slightly more expensive than other modes of transportation but a convenient and hassle- free mode to reach the garden. 

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By Bus

A mere 230 meters lie between you and the closest Miracle Garden 1 bus stop, a delightful 2-minute stroll from the park entrance. For those journeying from the Mall of the Emirates, the anticipated travel time to reach the captivating Miracle Garden is approximately 32 minutes.

Worry not about your wallet, for the budget-friendly bus line 105 operates every day from 4 am until 1 am, offering you convenient transportation. However, during peak hours, the buses tend to fill up quickly, leading to crowded conditions and lengthy queues. To ensure a seamless visit, it is recommended to plan your trip during off-peak hours when the crowds are more manageable, allowing you to relish the beauty of the Miracle Garden without any hassle.For more information about Miracle Garden timings refer: Miracle Garden Ramadan Timings

By Metro

The nearest metro station to the Miracle Garden is the Mall of the Emirates Metro Station. As the metro does not run directly to the attraction, you’ll need to take the Dubai Metro Red Line to the Mall of the Emirates metro station and then take a bus or a taxi to the garden. The metro stations in Dubai are clean, air conditioned and the trains operate well on time. If you're travelling alone or on a budget, the metro is a convenient and an economical option. 

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By Bicycle

If you’re up for a challenge, you can also pedal to the Dubai Miracle Garden. You can borrow a bike from any of the rental stations such as the Byky Sports or Hello Bike Dubai located across the city. The rental rate is reasonable and riding is a great way to explore the city. However, cycling in Dubai can be a little difficult due to congested roads and scorching heat. Make sure to wear covered clothes and carry plenty of water while riding. 

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By Foot

Walking to the Miracle Garden is a great way to explore the vibrant city, but is certainly not a viable option if you’re walking from Dubai Marina. The distance to the attraction is 16 kilometres and takes nearly 3 to 4 hours on foot to reach the location. However if you are also visiting Butterfly Garden, then walking to Miracle Garden is an ideal alternative as it is only a 120 metre walk away. 

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Know Before You Go to Dubai Miracle Garden

Essential Information
Best Time to Visit
Tips to Visit


Dubai Miracle Garden is located in Al Barsha South 3, Dubailand Area, Dubai. The garden is situated in the Arabian Ranches and is approximately 20 minutes from the Mall of Emirates by car. The garden is easily accessible by taxi, bus or metro. There are also plenty of parking spaces available near the entrance if you’re traveling by private car. 

Opening Hours

Dubai Miracle Garden is open from mid-May to mid-November every year. The garden operates from 9 am to 9 pm during the week (Monday to Friday) and from 9 am to 10 pm on weekends.  

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The best time to visit the Dubai Miracle Garden is during its operational season, which is from mid May to mid November. The weather during the operating months is mild and pleasant, making it an ideal time to visit the garden.The garden is closed during the summer months due to high temperatures. 

However, the garden can also get crowded during weekends and public holidays. So if you want to avoid crowds, visit the attraction during the week. It is recommended to stop by the garden early morning or late afternoon to avoid heat and enjoy the photography experience. It is also advised to check the weather forecast as rain or strong winds can disrupt the garden's operation. 

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  • Choose your mode of transportation: You can reach the attraction via the most common modes of transportation such as the taxi, bus, or a private car. Alternatively, you can also take the Dubai Metro to the Mall of Emirates and then a taxi to the garden. 
  • Determine the optimum time to visit: The garden is annually open from May to November as the weather is pleasant. 
  • Purchase your tickets: You can buy your tickets online or at the gate before entrance. In order to avoid huge crowds at the gate, it is advised to purchase online tickets. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes: It is recommended to wear weather appropriate clothes and shoes as the garden is spread over a large area and you will need to walk for a good set of hours in order to explore the attraction. 
  • Carry a water bottle: It may get hot and dry in Dubai, therefore it is important to stay hydrated. You can also purchase snacks and beverages inside the Miracle Garden to stay high on energy during your visit. 
  • Check the map: The garden is divided into multiple areas and one can easily get lost in the garden. Plan your visit using the map to utilise most of your time in the garden. 
  • Follow the rules: Visitors must follow certain Miracle Garden rules and regulations such as not touching and picking the flowers, smoking or littering the place. 
  • Visit other attractions: You can visit other attractions near the garden such as the Dubai Butterfly Garden and Museum. 


What is the best time to visit Dubai Miracle Garden?

The best time to visit the Dubai Miracle Garden is from May to November. It is also advisable to visit the attraction on weekdays as it is less crowded. You can also stop by the location during early morning or late afternoon in order to avoid the scorching heat and enjoy the photography experience.

What are the different modes of transportation to reach Dubai Miracle Garden?

In order to arrive at Dubai Miracle Garden you can take a private car, bus, taxi or a metro. Public modes of transportation such as bus or metro are, however, an affordable and a convenient option to travel solo or in large groups. 

Can you take public transport to reach Dubai Miracle Garden?

Yes, you can easily take public transport such as a bus, taxi or a metro to reach Dubai Miracle Garden. Take the Dubai Metro to the Mall of the Emirates station and then take a taxi or a bus to arrive at the garden. 

How far is Dubai Miracle Garden from Mall of the Emirates?

The distance between Dubai Miracle Garden and Mall of the Emirates is approximately 10 kms. It takes a 15 minute drive to reach the attraction. On reaching the Mall of the Emirates you can also take a bus or a taxi to the garden. 

Are there any parking facilities available at Dubai Miracle Garden?

Yes, there are several parking areas such as the Miracle Garden Parking Area and the Butterfly Garden Parking near the entrance of the attraction and with low parking charges. However, the parking spots can get crowded during the peak hours, so it is advised to arrive early in order to secure a parking spot. 


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